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About Us



Hearthonia is a UK-based startup founded in 2021 with a vision to rise as an ESG ready value creator for our society. Today, we are a service provider to skin care customers, rooted in the principles of clean beauty and a passion for sustainable practices.

With deep scientific expertise, we bridge discerning connoisseurs and exceptional brands that embody innovation, eco-friendly products, and efficacy. We celebrate the true power of botanicals, harnessing their transformative potential in our skincare offerings.

In this era of transformative change, the pursuit of natural ingredients intersects with a wealth of exciting discoveries in nature-based skincare. Many individuals possess an inherent affinity for nature’s offerings and a desire to seamlessly incorporate natural products into their daily lives. The growing demand for such products is evident, as people increasingly embrace healthier lifestyles, interactive technologies, and the influential presence of digital media. Simultaneously, there is a collective focus on sustainable energy, environmental preservation, the protection of our precious forests, and the preservation of wildlife.

As members of the clean beauty industry, our journey began with a commitment to environmental conservation. At the heart of our mission is the pursuit of skin wellness, as we strive to support pioneering nature-based skincare brands and foster a sense of balance in both body and mind within our communities. We tirelessly seek out cutting-edge, result-oriented beauty products from clean beauty brands that invest in the research and development of nature-based skincare. The brands we proudly represent embody a deep commitment to sustainability and actively engage in initiatives that protect and preserve their environment. They lead the way in ground-breaking research, continuously striving to uncover new discoveries and formulate skincare products that epitomise excellence in eco-friendliness. It is through their unwavering passion that we have earned the trust of our esteemed customers.

Every day, we endeavour to guide natural skincare enthusiasts through the dynamic and intricate landscape of rapidly emerging botanical formulations. Our aspiration is to empower our valued customers with comprehensive product knowledge, enabling them to make informed choices that align with their unique skincare needs and personal preferences.


Since establishing ourselves in the United Kingdom, we have been humbled by the encouragement and remarkable feedback received from our discerning clientele. Their unwavering support serves as a testament to their confidence in our meticulous curation of brands and the efficacy of our carefully selected formulations. With pride, we curate a holistic range of eco-friendly products while providing invaluable insights into clean, sustainable body and skincare. Ultimately, our mission is to empower our customers with unbiased knowledge of the extraordinary powers found in nature.

Our Vision

Our vision extends beyond the mere provision of skincare products. We aspire to transform the way people approach their skin and beauty routines, fostering a heightened awareness of impeccable formulations. By partnering with pioneering clean beauty brands that prioritize the protection and enhancement of skin health, we aim to help redefine the standards of beauty and empower our customers to make informed choices.

Our Values

At Hearthonia, we are proud to represent a collection of authentic natural skincare brands that compliment our core values. These brands wholeheartedly embrace the principles of fair trade, supporting sustainable farming practices, and responsibly sourcing their ingredients. Above all, they are dedicated to offering clean, safe, and nature-based products that are free from harmful additives.

Our Mission

We have set out on a mission to be the trusted gateway to nature-based, high efficacy body and skincare solutions for individuals and families alike. Our commitment to our esteemed customers is unwavering, we recognize and appreciate the unique needs of every individual’s skin. With a comprehensive range of products, we strive to cater to diverse requirements, ensuring that everyone can experience the transformative power of nature in their personal skin care routines.

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