Ultra-high Performance Face Care Routine
Exquisitely crafted natural age defence with a delightful sensory experience for even the most sensitive skin
Truly Natural Childcare
Safe and amazing botanical creations with the gentle healing touch to nurture delicate skin in infancy and childhood
Ultimate Hypoallergenic Range
All season, researched-backed, dermo-cosmetic collection for hyper sensitive skin that demands gentle care
Everyday Essentials for Everyone
Astounding natural formulations carrying superb results, natural textures, and exhilaring scents, defying synthetics and additives, to help skin, scalp and hair in all ages while respecting sensitivities
I'm super sensitive about my facial skin and this serum is ULTRA comfortable!! I love the soothing feeling it gives me and also the smoothing effect after just 7 days of use. - SHOPPER, Druidebio.com, Canada.
La touche douceur, un plaisir à utiliser. Ma peau sensible et réactive l’adore. - SHOPPER, Druidebio.com, Canada.
Finally I can exfoliate my sensitive skin thanks to this gentle and refined product. Does not produce redness or tightness.- SHOPPER, Druidebio.com, Canada.
Very good product. Even though I have very sensitive skin, I didn't have any reactions. However, I prefer products presented in a vacuum bottle with pump. - SHOPPER, Druidebio.com, Canada.